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Typical Stucco Components

Tar paper or another type of weather-resistive material

Galvanized metal lath
Scratch coat of Portland cement and sand
Brown coat of cement and sand
Finish coat


Stucco work is done by specialty contractors called lath and plastering contractors. Lathing and plastering are highly specialized trades. Stucco work should only be done by those with proper training and understanding of plaster systems.

An amazingly durable, design and paint friendly material, stucco is made from a combination of natural and synthetic compounds including cement aggregates and acrylics. It is surprisingly flexible once hardened, as well as completely waterproof. Its strength and longevity is unmatched by wood, vinyl, and other materials. While some materials like wood and vinyl can experience rot and mold, stucco suffers from no such weaknesses. In fact, clean up is a simple chore of applying water and mild dishwashing liquid to dirty areas, then spraying the surface with clean water.

The beauty of exterior stucco is it can be applied to the entire structure or just to sections, depending on your needs, timeline, or budget. Besides custom and intricate designs, stucco can be applied with a variety of colours and textures to blend in with any architectural style or design elements unique to the structure. We also offer services for arches, accent mouldings, window trims, quoins, and columns — each one incorporating curves, bends, and artistically crafted detail work.

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